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Romantic ride with a vintage car

Posted on08/26/2020
Romantic ride with a vintage car

Celebrate the special event of your life with a vintage car ride and movie tickets in the VIP studios. Give her a mix of old & new: a romantic walk in Bucharest with a vintage convertible car and a movie at Grand Cinema & More Baneasa, in the VIP studios! You are passionate about vintage cars and you want to enjoy a ride in the city in a vintage car and feel the elegance and style of the old days. Choose a walk through the center of Bucharest in a carefully restored car, which works and looks like the first youth. 

The limousine of the '40s still emits the scent of Little Paris on the streets of Bucharest. It is ideal for a romantic, elegant and refined moment, managing to transform a simple urban walk into a memory for life! The walk will end at Băneasa Shopping City, where you will go to one of the VIP Studios to live another exclusive experience, inside the Grand Cinema & More cinema, Băneasa Shopping City - designated Consumer Choice Brand of the Year 2018 by Consumer Choice Europe. 

Grand VIP Studios is the space that transforms a simple movie viewing into a complete cinematic experience at a premium quality. Featuring impressive screens, Dolby Atmos sound system with 54 speakers and flawless 3D technology, and equipped with ultra-comfortable leather armchairs with adjustable backrests, the rooms offer a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere, not only managing to delight your eyes, but captivate all your senses by making you escape to another world. The VIP experience includes a wide selection of fresh drinks and food served in the auditorium or lounge, a separate lounge with reception, wardrobe, private bar and Wi-Fi. 

Optional: You can choose to surprise him with an anniversary message "Happy Birthday!" on the big screen! Make it an unexpected surprise and turn movie watching into an experience you will never forget! Before watching the movie you can include in the trailer pool, a message "Happy Birthday!", Accompanied by a collage of photos or play a small video of "Happy Birthday!" created by you, depending on your preferences, duration - 1 minute.

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