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The game becomes reality with your gang at Paintball or Airsoft

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If you want to have adrenaline and fun, this experience is perfect for you! Challenge your friends to a game of Paintball or try the Airsoft experience. Also, if your child's birthday is coming up and you want to give them a mega surprise, choose the children's package! The children will have great fun, so it will be a memorable party.

How was Paintball born? It all started in 1970, when James Hale of Daisy Manufacturing invented and patented what later became the first paintball rifle. This original paint gun was made and used to mark trees and cattle, and was later sold for use in the game of paintball, under the name Nelson. It was also used to mark dangerous areas and those to be destroyed. One of the first organized paintball games took place in 1981, on June 27.

What does Paintball mean? Paintball, in free translation, paint ball, is a simple and addictive game, appeared almost 25 years ago. 2 Teams of 5-10 members, enter a field full of obstacles, and for several tens of minutes, they shoot hard. The shots are not dangerous, although they start from the barrel of the weapon at over 300 km / h, the balls only produce dirt on impact with the opponent. Players wear special suits and masks, the paint not reaching their clothes.

What is Airsoft? Airsoft is a very similar game to paintball. However, airsoft is played in a fairly similar way to paintball. The first difference would be that airsoft has more variety in weapons. Airsoft weapons look very much like real weapons. For this reason, there is a wide variety of airsoft weapons in different sizes and functions. From pistols to sniper rifles you have a choice. On paintball, on the other hand, the number of weapon variants is not as large and you will not have a wide variety of weapon types to choose from. In addition, airsoft has a huge number of accessories and gun modifications that can be added to make your airsoft gun look and work much better. From telescopes to laser pointers, the possibilities are quite high in airsoft. Although paintball has a variety to choose from, it does not compare to the great variety available in airsoft. The fight is more realistic. Because airsoft weapons resemble real weapons, the game of airsoft feels more realistic than paintball. In the airsoft game you feel like you are in a real fight. This is facilitated by the many possibilities of games.

Airsoft Vs. Paintball

Airsoft balls are significantly smaller than paint balls. This means that the ball faces less resistance due to the wind and will therefore be able to fly farther and shoot more accurately. in addition, because the balls are small, white and light. This makes airsoft much more accurate than paintball. Airsoft guns come in a variety of accessories that help improve accuracy. These include the scope and lasers.

Similarity Paintball Vs. Airsoft

Both activities can be easily considered both sports and simple hobbies. Each of them can have identical game styles and game types. Both activities require similar equipment: Marker, Ammunition and adequate eye / face protection. The rules are also similar. The safety of the player between the two activities is quite similar when used in appropriate locations.

Differences between Paintball and Airsoft

- Most airsoft rifles are electrically powered, unlike paintballs which are powered by CO2 tanks.

- Instead of paintball ammunition (s) that have .43 or .68 caliber and are painted, airsoft guns use 6mm plastic ammunition (balls) weighing between one tenth and a half grams (approximately).

- Airsoft weapons are much more realistic, often having exactly the same look and weight as a real rifle.

If you want to play Paintball, you can choose from:

Major Paintball Package (price / group)

-10 people

-400 bile / pers

-the mask





Colonel Airsoft package (price / group)

-6 people

-500 bile / pers

-referee game

-weapon / reply

-2 hours

Paintball children's package (price / group)

-10 children

-limited unlimited

-referee game

-the mask



-3 hours

We recommend that you read the article on our blog to discover the advantages of choosing an experience gift for your loved ones.

Experience details:

  • Location: Chiajna
  • You will receive an electronic voucher with your option, as well as the possibility to add a personalized message, if you choose to give it as a gift
  • Voucher validity: 12 months from purchase

Important to know:

  • Fair-Play: once shot, raise your hand and leave the field until the end of the round
  • The weapon must always be locked off the ground.
  • During the game the helmet must not be taken down in any form.
  • Do not shoot the opponent if he is less than 5 meters away.
  • Do not change the firing power of the weapon beyond the limit set by field supervisors.
  • Balls left on the ground should not be used, they could block the weapon.
  • Each participant must sign a LIABILITY AGREEMENT and an EQUIPMENT RENTAL AGREEMENT.
  • Players under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian
  • Listen carefully to the instructions on the use of weapons provided by field personnel
  • If you see someone cheating, don't argue during the game
  • Do not move, jump or change obstacles
  • Don't argue with other players. Consult a referee if you have a concern
  • No physical contact or vulgar language
  • Adequate footwear
  • The referees have the last word
  • The voucher is valid for 12 months
  • The experience is valid within the available places (a reservation is required in advance)
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