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Self-knowledge and personal development through numerology with Corina Stratulat

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If you have reached this experience, it means that you want to start or continue a broad and revealing process of self-discovery and personal development. It's time to let the numbers speak for you. You can also surprise a loved one by giving them this experience. 

Numerology is a science dating back thousands of years, which historians link to the philosopher Pythagoras, who laid the formal foundations of numerology in Ancient Greece. Behind the numbers lies a wealth of information that can be gleaned from numerological analysis. 

Numerologist Corina Stratulat will help you to have more clarity in your life and will guide you to use your skills strategically and effectively to have the personal and professional success you desire. 

"Using numerological analysis as a method, in which I integrate NLP and transformational coaching techniques, I give my clients a different perspective on their own lives. I provide them with simple, clear, concise information that, put into practice immediately, removes their blocks and changes their lives for the better."

So get a different perspective on your life, directly from a numerology specialist. Choose the option that suits you best:

Online numerology session 1:1

If you find yourself in a deadlock in your life and you don't know where to look for answers, you have a successful professional life and yet you are dissatisfied with yourself, you feel that you are no longer in the right environment and you want to start an accelerated process of self-discovery and personal development, this numerology session will definitely help you. 

You are unique and unrepeatable as a person, you came into this world with a birth date, with a lot of strengths and qualities. You may be aware of all this information, but not of others. Together with the numerologist Corina Stratulat you will start your process of self-discovery from your date of birth and we are convinced that you will find fascinating certain details, which you may not have even suspected about yourself. Following your numerological analysis, you will have access to clear and concrete information about:

  • Your native abilities and skills;
  • The dominant types of intelligence in your numerological matrix and what you can achieve using them;
  • Your material, spiritual, professional and personal needs and how you could fulfill them in the best version of yourself;
  • What is your personal mission and in what roles you feel most comfortable;
  • What kind of professions can bring you fulfilment, inner peace and financial security;
  • What are your strengths and what opportunities exist for personal and professional improvement.

Important details:

  • Course duration:1 hour;
  • Online course.

Written numerological analysis

You can enjoy this package exclusively on Experimenteaza and includes:

  • analysis and interpretation of the date of birth, with all related indicators;
  • details about destiny and karmic experiences;
  • details about the 9-year cycle and the vibration of the current year.

Important details: 

You will receive a 6-7 A4 page PDF document containing:

  • personal numerology code;
  • inner vibration;
  • outer vibration;
  • psycho-energo-informational matrix;
  • the object in life;
  • destiny cipher and the path to destiny;
  • karmic challenges;
  • recommendations according to evolutionary cycles;
  • compatibility and complementarity.

Mother and child course

This course aims to identify the child's native potential, what are the mother's actions that can support him in fulfilling his destiny. Using the birth date and interpreting a series of parameters with which the child was born, the information in the course is personalized and specific to each birth date. There will be NO discussion of general parenting issues.

In the course you will cover the following aspects:

  • Calculating the numerology code;
  • Inner vibration interpretation and practical solutions for everyday life;
  • Interpretation of the child's structure at the level of psyche and emotional-energetic system (from the psycho-energo-informational matrix);
  • Life stages and what is important in each life cycle;
  • Attachments and dependency;
  • Karmic challenges;
  • Conditions for the manifestation of the native potential.

Why choose this course?

  • You will learn things about your child that you can't find elsewhere;
  • You will discover what his native abilities are and how you can guide him to make the best decisions;
  • You will learn how to deal with your child to facilitate his path to destiny;
  • You will understand why your child behaves in a certain way at different times of his life;
  • You will be more at ease about your child's future.

Important details:

  • Course duration: 2 sessions of 3 hours each;
  • Online course.

Femininity course - Numerological perspective

This course aims to raise awareness of your own feminine energy, to understand on a practical level the daily behaviours that strengthen femininity and to discover your native potential. Every woman is authentic and it is necessary to discover her own femininity. We do NOT copy recipes for success, we do NOT copy another woman who seems feminine to us. We are not a copy, we are unique and unrepeatable.

How does the course work?

  • We calculate and interpret together a series of numerological indicators that explain dozens of tendencies, qualities, behaviours of you as a woman (on a subconscious level);
  • We establish the optimal conditions in which you can choose to manifest your femininity, so that you can evolve and have balanced relationships;
  • Understand the positive effects in your life by discovering your femininity and the negative effects, if you keep the inner struggle and do not realize your native predispositions.

Who is the course for?

  • Women who want to improve their existing couple relationship;
  • Women who have difficulties in starting a relationship;
  • Women who want BALANCE on all levels;
  • Women who want to improve their health.

Why attend this course?

  • Understand the feminine principle;
  • You have an overview of what you will achieve through predominantly feminine manifestation;
  • Understand what you lose and waste in predominantly male behaviour;
  • You get simple recommendations to apply in your daily life, for a harmonious couple relationship, to maintain your health and to support those around you;
  • You will understand how you can improve your sexual relationship;
  • You will be able to assess for yourself what behaviour is beneficial to have in a relationship;
  • Differentiate between behaviours in different roles (girlfriend, mother, daughter, colleague, friend, etc.);
  • Based on the numerological code, you understand your native structure and what you can "grind" or add.

Important details:

  • Online course;
  • You will receive a login link before the course starts.

We consider that practical Experiences are the essence of great memories so we invite you on our blog to read about the advantages of purchasing an experience rather than a material gift.

Details of the experience:

  • Courses are held online;
  • Experience for one person;
  • You will receive an electronic voucher with your option, as well as the possibility to add a personalized message, if you choose to give it as a gift;
  • Voucher availability: 12 months.

Important to know:

  • The voucher is valid for 12 months for one person;
  • The experience is subject to availability (a reservation is required in advance).
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