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Give someone you love a lifetime memory - a virtual memory book

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"Life is not what you lived, but what you remember you lived and how you remember to tell it." Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Nobel Prize-winning writer.

Offer an unique experience to a loved one - How many times have you wondered what happened to last years' gifts: were they appreciated or thrown away in a dusty cupboard? 

  • Write your memoirs
  • Live a broad experience
  • Leave an authentic memory
  • Choose to recount an episode you were part of or simply an event you witnessed

Now, your joy is twofold: first when you capture the amazement of the recipient of this great gift; second, when you know their pride in becoming an author is due to you.

Perhaps we've found what we wished from the depths of our souls: what made our loved ones make dramatic decisions, what adventures shaped them, what loves they followed without looking back, how they found the courage to get through hard times. Not to mention, what a treasure we have, if we put together all the pranks and funny faces with which they still amuse us.

Dare. Give a memorable gift with the click of a button - for the narrator and an entire community:

  • Grandparents, uncles, aunts or cousins. 
  • Parents with clever and mischievous children.
  • Group of army buddies.
  • Band mates or artists.
  • Friends on adventures.
  • Former schoolmates.
  • Work colleagues. 

The recipient of such a gift will also relish the joy of anticipation because his mind will also experience the excitement of anticipation through excited anticipation. Just like you.

Dare to be the non-conformist who gives an eccentric gift with a long-term impact - Your example can be followed by the storyteller and the recipients of the book. 

The subject of the memoir can be from today, childhood or youth, here are some ideas:

  • Romantic, romance.
  • Adventures from the army / war / revolution.
  • Peripetii from travels. 
  • Childhood memories (from country holidays, school camps, etc.).
  • Sports challenges.
  • Memories of grandparents, parents, husbands, brothers.
  • Stories about neighbours, colleagues or bosses.
  • Artist's pranks or children's pranks.
  • Ideas, beliefs, personal experiences, life lessons.

*The final editing of the content will be discussed with the editor and can take the form of a diary, letters or a story.

Why is a memoir a unique gift?

  • When someone you love appears in your book, you'll give them a fantastic surprise. Just think of the memories you'll spark and the amazement you'll cause.
  • It's a suitable experience for Romans at home or abroad.
  • It is a beneficial experience for any age, profession or education.
  • It is a book through which you transmit, over generations, feelings, lessons and emotions: love, tenderness, nostalgia, courage, team spirit, sacrifice or good mood.
  • A book is a pretext for a get-together with your family, group of friends or colleagues: you enjoy it and they enjoy it - like a mini book launch. 

The book retains your imprint and style, the author's - your book is unique in the original way in which events are perceived from your perspective, the narrator's, your specific style of speaking and personality. Keep the tone as true as possible by your manner of address: sober, humorous, academic, colloquial, tender, sarcastic, parental or friendly, etc.

The inseparable images have a strong visual impact on the readers, because the pictures open up the picture of people and places and seem to transport you into the story.

A memoir connects you deeply with the narrator - Reading a memoir reveals that it is a more intense experience than if the narrator were to tell you everything by word of mouth. You live along with him, the most passion, adventure, love, suspense and madcap humor-filled part of his life and, on top of that, the thoughts and feelings he lived. 

Becoming a book author is an almost impossible experience to forget - Experiencing something new: a new skill, activity or place can influence you so strongly that it can seem as if time is slowing down. When you're the storyteller, the slowing effect can be twice as great, because you're simultaneously going through a series of new activities while practicing new skills. 

When you live new experiences you feel that time passes more slowly. It almost stands still - David Eagleman, a neuroscience researcher at Stanford University says "there's only one way to slow down time: look for novelty." In fact, we perceive the event as having lasted longer than it actually did. That's because new experiences are written into the brain using more memory. This explains why memories of these experiences are more persistent and with more detail.

When you keep memories alive in a book, you enjoy them twice: 

  • When you've made the decision, you wait excitedly for the experience through which your book will be born. Planning an event gives us a more intense sense of happiness than the event itself. Here, studies say that because of the anticipated excitement, we experience the greatest degree of happiness before an experience.
  • When the book is done, it's real. Then you flip through it with your family, colleagues or friends and reread the events in the book together.

As a narrator you experience a unique and complex emotional process - along with the stages of the book's reading:

  • the experience of nostalgia for the event recounted during the interviews;
  • the experience of reliving the event and connecting with the people who participated when you selected the pictures;
  • the experience of self-confidence in seeing the whole manuscript, when revising it;
  • the optimistic experience of holding the printed book in your hand;
  • the experience of sharing the joy of a dream with your chosen group.

You prepare the book in advance - you know when it's Christmas, Easter and the wedding anniversaries of loved ones or birthdays. You write it now and have it ready. You can give it as a gift at the right time, to family or a small circle. 

Good things come to those who wait - Waiting for a cherished event makes us appreciate it more and exercise patience. Although recognised for millennia as a virtue, patience is not easy to acquire. Especially now, when everything can be arranged at the touch of a button, and we have lost the habit of waiting.

Experts (Professor Sarah A. Schnitker and psychologist Robert Emmons 2007 study) argue that patient people tend to be affected by fewer negative emotions and demonstrate significant emotional intelligence. This makes them able to focus over a longer period of time to achieve their goals and also feel satisfied when they do - compared to less patient people.

Have a comprehensive experience and surprise an entire community!

Memoir - A memorable book - Packages and features: 

a) A memorable book (PDF format)

  • delivery in pdf format, delivered by email
  • format 20 x 20 cm
  • 32 pg. (text or text and pictures)
  • full colour
  • original graphics for covers and interior

c) A memorable book (PDF + audio format)

  • audio book delivery, mp3 format, delivered by email
  • reading of the book as performed by an actor
  • estimated duration 30 - 50 min 

We consider that practical Experiences are the essence of great memories so we invite you on our blog to read about the advantages of purchasing an experience rather than a material gift.

Details of the experience: 

  • Package includes: interviews, writing, proofreading and editing of text, processing of photos, original design for interior and covers
  • The author participates in two two-hour online interviews with the editor and gives final approval of the book
  • The final text is adapted by an experienced writer
  • The book can contain only text or text and no more than six photos.
  • The premium book is delivered in pdf / pdf and audio book
  • Description of the unique premium book: 32 pages, format 20 x 20 cm, full colour
  • Audio book: reading in an actor's interpretation, mp3 format
  • Delivery 50 calendar days, from first interview to finished format
  • Experience for one person
  • You receive an e-voucher with your choice, as well as the possibility to add a personalised message if you choose to give it as a gift
  • Voucher validity: 12 months

Important to know:

  • The voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase for a single card
  • A reservation is required in advance
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