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Do you want a happy couple relationship? Eliminate drama and turn conflict into a positive thing

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Do you often feel that your relationship needs an upgrade? As a matter of fact, in your professional or personal relationships, things can be greatly improved and are you open to starting the change with yourself? Do you sometimes find yourself in conflict, and sometimes the discussions degenerate and take on such a magnitude that you want to avoid them in the future?

Conflicts are inevitable and natural, in fact they are very useful, because their energy, if managed correctly, generates change for the better. Most of the time, however, people either avoid coming into conflict or, if they do, they end up turning it into a drama.
The "Leading Out of Drama" method, developed by Next Element in the USA ( teaches us what are the roles in which we enter mainly in a conflict, what are the long-term disadvantages of these behaviors in our relationships and how we can use this energy of conflict as a catalyst to have harmony and stability.

Understanding the Drama Triangle well, we follow a learning path and discover what are the principles described in the Circle of Compassion: responsibility and compassion. But how can we generate harmonious relationships, when in communication we are not alone but there is the other partner?

There are 3 special abilities described concretely in 9 specific strategies, through which we learn to influence the dynamics of relationships, to lay a solid foundation for others to respond with openness and respect.
We learn how in relationships to create a safe environment, in which to open our vulnerabilities without being considered weaknesses. Let's not end up attacking or being attacked (physically or verbally) or not being listened to, but to lay the foundations of an open dialogue in which we communicate aseptically and make room for creativity to find solutions together. We learn how not to become dependent on each other but to establish assumed roles and responsibilities and our relationship to be based on harmony and respect.

Is this possible? Certainly yes, applying what the LOD method teaches us.
Through the Leading Out of Drama methodology you will be able to:

- identify the roles in which you position yourself in your relationships and find out how you can effectively overcome conflict situations

- you manage correctly the states that can make you attack, judge, blame, victimize or exhaust yourself for others, without avoiding conflict

- you develop skills such as compassion and responsibility, vital to a harmonious relationship

- you keep your focus and energy to build when the conflict arises and not get into drama
- create in your relationships an environment conducive to: opening vulnerabilities, exchanging, information, accepting different perceptions, setting boundaries and responsibilities, in a context of security, mutual respect and harmony
- discover the effectiveness of interactions based on the 9 LOD strategies immediately

This course is addressed both to couples who feel that they are in a continuous conflict or just looking to make their relationship happier, but it is also addressed to those who want to improve the relationship with colleagues, manager or even friends around them. Data released by AtTask estimates that losses generated by employees who spend about 2.5 hours a week resolving conflicts cost US companies more than $ 359 billion annually.

The drama triangle model was developed by Dr. Stephen Karpman in 1968 to describe unhealthy positions and roles in individual and group interaction. This model remains one of the most elegant and practical models that helps to understand the dysfunction of interpersonal dynamics.

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Details of the experience:

"Leading Out of Drama" course, 2 online or offline sessions of 2 hours each
Drama Resilience Assessment (“You and the Conflict”)
Detailed explanation of the LOD method and your profile by an accredited trainer
You have one month to answer any additional questions
Location: Online
Experience for one person
You will receive an electronic voucher with your option, as well as the possibility to add a personalized message, if you choose to give it as a gift
Voucher availability: 12 months

Important to know:

The voucher is valid for 12 months for 1 person
The profile is made on the basis of a test that will have to be passed with at least 1 week before the course.
This experience is subject to availability (a reservation is required in advance)

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