Discover what heaven wrote for you when you were born through a unique experience of psycho astrology and psycho numerology.

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What do we expect when we say Astrology? Guess the stars? Maybe, but it's nothing to guess, but rather to read.
Astrology is a science that has been operating in the world for several thousand years. It tells us what our strengths are and how we can adjust to learn to overcome ourselves more easily.
Christmas astrology is the mental, emotional, mental and physical imprint with which we are born.
We analyze all these aspects depending on the date of birth, time and place of birth. All this information helps us to discover why and how we are unique.
What are our "aces" up our sleeve or what prevents us from making certain decisions. Everything is "written" in the depths of our being, and through natal astrology we can open the door to ourselves.
At the same time, predictive astrology helps us prepare for the period to come. It's like dressing in the house to go out. We prepare depending on the weather, where we are going, and on the way to "there" we do not know exactly what will be.
With predictive astrology we can build, telling us what are the major aspects of that period and what we can do in that period depending on our personality to have the expected effect. Everything is tailored to characteristics that we know in our depths.

You may have heard of the figure of destiny or the number of personality, but the Square of Pythagoras is more than that. It is a way to characterize yourself in depth.
Like any other tool of self-knowledge and development under the wing of Numerology, the Square of Pythagoras teaches you how something as logical, cold and analytical as numbers can open the door to an abundant literature about yourself.
No matter how you see abundance, even if it's about the income you make or the opportunities you have every day, in the modern world abundance is in numbers. All this of course personalized according to your date of birth.
That's all we need to outline the richness of your personality.
I invite you to discover what are the numbers of your spirit and how to surpass yourself to access abundance.

Details of the experience:

Location: online by email
Experience valid for one person
Advice from a specialist in psycho-astrology and psycho-numerology
You will receive an electronic voucher with your option, as well as the possibility to add a personalized message, if you choose to give it as a gift
Voucher validity: 12 months

Important to know:

You will receive the email address of the specialist and you will communicate there, depending on the chosen experience, the dates of your birth.
The natal, predictive astrogram or synastria, as well as the natal numerology will be elaborated within 7 days from the provision of the data to the specialist.
The experience is valid for 12 months from purchase
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