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We have a very good idea for you and for your family. Finding activities can be really hard to do, especially when technology is around and kids are stuck with tablets and smart phones every second. If you want to avoid that and be original, we have an experience which will unite you more as a family and make you discover what fun is all about. Learn to create, to work together and to make memories that can last a lifetime. 

Our moulding kit is very original and unusual, and it will be loved by kids, because they have the opportunity to get dirty, one of their main hobbies in life. You can do it at home and have a blast doing so. Just use precisely the elements from the kit and you will realize how easy it is to just enjoy the simple things. Memoshop is responsible for this idea and we thank them for having the initiative of entertaining so many people. The mould is very detailed, you can see all the details, even the fingertips. If you want to see more about the process, please watch this video here. 

It is perfect as a gift, as a family experience or just when you want to make something that can break the habits. It leaves behind a very cool mould, which you can keep as a memory. Share it with others and they will certainly like the idea. The activities implied are fun, you can easily use this kit and show others how simple it is to make it. For similar experience, please click here. 

Experience details:

Personalized mould with your hands 

The kit contains: 

A special dust made from algae’s, for the outline of the hands

A ceramic dust for the fillings of the mould

Latex gloves

Mixing recipient 

Wood instrument to help you stir  

What do you need to use home? Only water and a mixer

Location: 48 h delivery in Romania 

An electronic voucher is being sent to your e-mail address, with the option to add a personalized message if you wish to offer it as a gift

Availability: 12 months 

Important to know: 

The voucher is available for 12 months

The experience is limited stocked, so a reservation ahead is necessary

We consider that practical Experiences are the essence of great memories so we invite you on our blog to read about the advantages of purchasing an experience rather than a material gift.

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