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Get rid of the of flying anxiety while handling a B737-800 New Generation simulator

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Do you want to be a pilot on the command of a 62000 kg B737-800 New Generation, overcome your fear of flight, admire and experience a take-off / landing at an airport on a sunny beach or between snowy mountains? Want to feel the adrenaline rush of a special on board situation (engine failure / fire / storm)? 

Whether your dream is to become a pilot, and you're passionate about flying, or maybe you wish to overcome your fear of flying, the experience in a flight simulator is 100% authentic. 

A 1: 1 scale cockpit awaits you from Boeing 737-800 New Generation (one of the most common aircraft on European flights - it is part of TAROM, Ryanair, Blue Air, etc.). The simulator respects in every detail the architecture of the plane and you will find absolutely all the knobs , buttons, indicators and dahsboard lights. It's as real as can get to fly a plane, and yet you're in the safety of a room on the ground. It is exactly the simulator to which the commercial pilots are sent, every 6 months, to be tested. 

In the first hour of the experience the briefing will take place, in which you will discuss any curiosity related to aircraft, detailed explanation of the dashboard, how to enter the data of  the destination, know how's about weather conditions, and you calculate the amount of fuel required for the flight. In the next two hours you will be at the helm of the plane, along with Alex and Andrei, pilots with many hours of active flight - who flew including for the national company - and experienced all the stages of a flight, and discuss many problems that may arise at 10 thousands of meters altitude (fire at a motor, engine failure, storm, etc.). 

You have several routes Cluj-Napoca - Bucharest, Bucharest - Vienna, Vienna - Innsbruck, and the views are 100% accurate, taking you through the clouds and mountains. Once you choose the route, the flight preparation will start. This involves setting the flight parameters, starting the engines, then final checking with the supervision of from both pilots, requesting the take-off permit and taking off itself. The airports are reproduced to the smallest detail ,but also the route crossed. You will see exactly what a passenger or pilot is seeing on a real flight. 

The plane goes to the desired altitude, activates the autopilot, then you can experience exceptional situations during the flight. The preparation of the descent and the descent follows, with ad literam observance of all the procedures. Then the landing and taxi to the final parking position. The experience is sensational, especially since you will hear all the noise an aircraft makes at different times of the flight. And you will understand on this occasion what the sounds you hear as a passenger in the cabin. 

The experience is full of adrenaline, which you will want to relive! We recommend this experience as a gift idea for someone who is afraid of flying.

We consider that practical Experiences are the essence of great memories so we invite you on our blog to read about the advantages of purchasing an experience rather than a material gift.

Details of the experience:

  • One hour of briefing and two hours of flying on the Boeing 737 flight simulator
  • Preparation for takeoff
  • You fly on a route of your choice
  • On board problems simulation (engine fire, storm)
  • Preparing for the descent
  • Location: Bucharest, JetAv
  • Experience valid for one person
  • You will receive an electronic voucher with your option, as well as the possibility to add a personalized message, if you choose to make it a gift
  • Voucher availability : 12 months

Important to know:

  • The voucher is valid for 12 months for 1 person.
  • The experience is valid in the limited slots available (a reservation is required in advance).

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