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Experience the new creative workshops for making bread, natural cosmetics, making natural soaps, backpacks and bags, painting on textiles and much more. We have a reliable partner, Casa cu Rost, who is by our side and who helps us to learn together, the most practical methods of making some extremely useful products. You can go to these workshops with your best friend, with the children or why not with your beloved.

Maya bread workshop

Don't you miss the smell of freshly baked bread? From the time when your country grandmother used to make you knead bread dough during the country holidays? You can remember all this by participating in the mayonnaise bread workshop where you will learn how to make mayonnaise dough and what are the stages of bread preparation, what are the utensils you need to make bread at home, what types of flours can be used at bread, what benefits does mayonnaise bring in bread.

The duration of the workshop is 2 and a half hours, during which time you will learn how to prepare bread dough and you will taste several types of mayonnaise bread.

Natural cosmetics workshop

Want to try something else in terms of cosmetics? You've been tempted so many times to try a handmade face cream but every time you had a hold because you didn't know if it was right for your skin type, right? Now you can prepare natural cosmetics at home, suitable for your skin type. Our partners from Casa cu Rost can be a real help to you through this workshop which is useful, practical and very beautiful!

You will learn how to combine the ingredients, how to prepare the products yourself, how to use them to access the benefits of each extra plant, you will go home with the products made and a gift recipe book.

Textile painting workshop

How about you and your family being a wow at parties. Try to express your creativity at the textile painting workshop and you will certainly be an appearance that will not be easily overlooked. An item of clothing forgotten in the wardrobe can be transformed into a piece of resistance through a chic painting. You will relax, you will learn new painting techniques, you will socialize with beautiful people and you will go home with a must have.

You can also take your good friend, even your baby or why not your husband or wife.

Backpack workshop with story

Are you an energetic, mobile person who likes unique things, handmade, made of natural materials, comfortable and at the same time beautiful? We offer you an experience that will delight you: The backpack workshop. You will learn to choose the most suitable materials, to make the pattern, to cut and sew a backpack as you wish. And at the end go home with the product obtained.

Natural soap workshop

You have always admired and smelled handmade natural soaps at various trade fairs and they have certainly charmed you. You can find out and try the secrets of making natural soap, you can learn how to mix certain precious oils that you can add to the soap and that can help you treat certain skin problems.

You will go home with the products made and with the shapes that will help you prepare other soaps, but also with unique recipes.

Mini-garden terrarium workshop

If you are passionate about flowers through, this floral workshop you will learn how to make an apartment mini-garden. The person who will guide you step by step to learn the secrets of this beautiful profession is a designer and landscape architect. You will learn: to choose the right plants, to take care of them, because such mini-gardens last up to two years.

Creative workshop for making bags

Adults or children, we all need a practical accessory that, in addition to being useful, is also easy to match and attracts the eye with its beauty.

The workshop we offer you gets rid of worries. You will learn to make a bag made of natural material, which you will accessorize each according to your taste. You can make the bag from a plain waterproof or plain or printed cotton material and you can paint it at your choice or you will apply the napkin technique with the chosen model.

At the end of the two hours you will go home with the object made, with the learned skill and a lot of good cheer.

We consider that practical Experiences are the essence of great memories so we invite you on our blog to read about the advantages of purchasing an experience rather than a material gift. 

Details of experience:

  • The duration of the workshops is two hours
  • Access is for both adults and children
  • Location: Bucharest, Old Center
  • Experience valid for one person
  • You will receive an electronic voucher with your option, as well as the possibility to add a personalized message, if you choose to give it as a gift.
  • Voucher availability: 12 months

Important to know:

  • The voucher is valid for 12 months, from the date of purchase, for one person
  • The experience is subject to availability (a reservation is required in advance)
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