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Creative Writing Workshop - learn how to write amazing stories

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Turn your customer into the Hero of your Business Story. If you are an entrepreneur or work in Sales and you want to know what is the story behind the advertisement you are going to create, this workshop is for you! Because you are connected to your client by an invisible cord that if it does not provide adequate information, your professional relationship ends immediately. 

We all want to sell good products, using good advertisements. Sometimes we have excellent products that do not sell and we see how the competition manages to sell all kinds of products and that, rightly, upsets us. We also know cases in which the product is execrable and yet sold. But rest assured: the good news is that the product is only sold at the beginning and not for long. The customer is no longer uniformed to throw money out the window for products that are not good and overpriced.

So I chose to address you, the business focused entrepreneur who provides great services yet the sales does not show yet due to the lack of marketing.

You already know that for a long-term business, you need both good products and very good advertisements.

But what is the difference between a good advertisement and a bad one? I tell you what I think: a good advertisement is one in which the buyer is the hero of your business story. 

How can this workshop increase your sales ?

Well, everything initially centers around your ability to build a story that sells. 

But how do you write the story behind the product ?

It's a longer process, it takes a little time to sacrifice, but it's worth it!

The knowledge about a good sales-man comes at early ages and along with years and years of experience.

Let's take the first steps and get to know each other!


Storytelling course for children -10 meetings 

* How much would you like to hear stories conceived and created by your child?

* How much would you like him to master the art of storytelling and the structure of the story as Joseph Campbell saw it in the book "The Hero with a Thousand Faces," considered the bible of Hollywood screenwriters?

* How about you read stories written by your child or even see plays or screenplays in which your child is the author or co-author?

* How about he become a copywriter in an advertising agency or hub over time?

* How about he master the art of conversation and dialogue.

We believe that we have set interesting goals for your child and a unique opportunity to learn while having fun with other children like him in his free time.

What will you have to do for all this to happen?

Storytelling course for parents - a parenting course that wants to teach current and future parents and their kids to create a story after Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey

We consider that practical Experiences are the essence of great memories so we invite you on our blog to read about the advantages of purchasing an experience rather than a material gift. 

Details of the experience: 

  • Location: Bucharest
  • Experience valid for one person
  • Duration 3 hours
  • You will receive an electronic voucher with your option, as well as the possibility to add a personalized message, if you choose to give it as a gift.
  • Voucher availability: 12 months


Important to know:

  • The voucher is valid for 12 months, from the date of purchase, for one person
  • The experience is subject to availability(a reservation is required in advance)
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