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Various experiences on our site, right? Well, we also pay attention to teens and it is good to help them, to guide them on the right path. If we feel a stalemate in terms of their future, we can help them with an experience that will open the perspective of the image to new horizons.

Going through the Romanian and British education system, the founders of SLE were quite disappointed with the quality of the information received during all this time. 17 years of school, in which they learned to comment on literary works, the theory of Pythagoras, but, going to the first JOB they realized with amazement that employers were not too interested in the knowledge gained from school benches ..... that is not at all.

Instead, both at the JOB and in everyday life, you need to be motivated and bold, courageous, to know how to communicate, to support your opinions in front of an audience, to have creative ideas to improve processes even more. chosen to .... TRUST YOURSELF AND MANAGE YOUR NEGATIVE EMOTIONS.

Realizing all this, our two friends and partners began a process of personal development that includes hundreds of books read, participation in dozens of courses and seminars and dozens of hours of guidance from specialists in psychology and personal development. At the same time, they decided to set up Smart Life Education, an educational center where teenagers learn things that are not learned at school and that we all need in life.

The monthly course "Become a LEADER!" explains to teenagers how they can build their self-confidence and how to be more confident, how to manage their negative emotions, failures and how to choose a path that will lead them to success. The course is structured in four stages and is addressed to adolescents aged 12-18 years.

Course developer:

Lesson 1: Self-confidence: Techniques, Games, Exercises

Lesson 2: Managing Emotions: Techniques, Games, Exercises

Lesson 3: Failure Management. About Success. The habits of successful people

Lesson 4: Emotions and confidence in school: relationships with colleagues, fear of exams, fear of presentations + diplomas and certificates of participation

We consider that practical Experiences are the essence of great memories so we invite you on our blog to read about the advantages of purchasing an experience rather than a material gift.


Details of the experience : 

  • Location: Bucharest
  • Personal development course for teenagers aged 12-18
  • Course divided into 4 lessons
  • The price of the experience is for one person
  • You will receive an electronic voucher with your option, as well as the possibility to add a personalized message, if you choose to give it as a gift.
  • Voucher valid 12 months from the date of purchase


Important to know:

  • The voucher is valid for 12 months, from the date of purchase, for one person
  • The experience is subject to availability (a reservation is required in advance)
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